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Selling EDDM: Your Marketing Guide

When it comes to offering your customers products designed to reach a targeted demographic within a specific area, 4over is proud to offer full-service Every Door Direct Mail. This service not only simplifies the process for you and your customers, but is significantly less expensive with more product options than traditional direct mail, but how are you marketing this great service to your customers? Let us offer you some EDDM marketing solutions that we covered in one of our recent webinars.

What is EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a cost-effective alternative to traditional direct mail that allows businesses to saturate the market and promote to every household or business in a desired geographical area. It’s perfect for grand openings, special promotions, and more! 


This direct mail strategy is a great tool for local retailers and organizations that rely heavily on walk-in and local business support—like automotive dealers, dry cleaners, restaurants, real estate, and more—as they sent targeted mailing to customers along specific routes at discounted postage rates.


What Does 4over Offer?

With our easy-to-use website, integrative mapping tool, and full-service EDDM solution, we take the complexity out of EDDM, while our EDDM full-service solution simplifies the USPS rules and regulations associated with EDDM.


With just 3 simple steps, EDDM saves you time:

  1. Choose the product
  2. Select the route
  3. Upload artwork

We’ll take care of the paperwork, bundling, and delivery to the post office! 

Selling EDDM

One of the most important ways to successfully sell EDDM to your customers is to effectively communicate its benefits. Check out these top 3 reasons your customers will want to use EDDM to boost their sales:

  1. Saturate the market by mail - Because over 85% of local sales come from a 3 - 5 mile radius, EDDM is especially important for small businesses—it was built for that!

  2. EDDM anywhere - With 4over, EDDM is possible anywhere across the US. Your customers can choose a route in their own neighborhood or across the country.

  3. Low postage rate - With EDDM postage currently at .168 per piece for any size and any amount, your customers won’t be restricted by the size, weight, or coating of the piece you're mailing. This is perfect for flyers, postcards, etc.—not to mention, the postage is less expensive than traditional direct mail.

    For example, if your customer is interested in mailing, you could suggest a sell sheet with EDDM. The current postage is actually less expensive than a direct mail postcard, but with much more space for them to add information, images, etc. The choice is simple!


Build the Estimate

Be your customers’ go-to EDDM consultant. Communicate with your customers, and use 4over’s website to help you create custom estimates with designated routes and demographics designed to drive their sales.

  • Gather key information to create custom estimates
    • Area / zip code
    • Budget
    • Size and coating options 
    • Target demographics (business and residential) - information provided by USPS
    • In mailbox date - arrive in target mailboxes
  • Download the template - this is required because our own indicia is on the mailing. A return address is also required. There is no difference between EDDM retail and EDDM business mail entry unit (BMEU).

  • Log on to our website - 
    • Choose EDDM full-service
    • Choose in mailbox date. Select size and options 
    • Click “map my routes.” Transferred to a new page with an interactive map where you’ll enter zip code, demographic, and budget information
    • Hover over the routes, demographic information appears

  • Pricing - this information, including postage, will appear on the mapping page so you will know what your cost will be and how to properly price your customers

  • Download routes - available as excel or pdf (as nonbranded) to share with your customers

  • Build an estimate - FINAL STEP! Present a custom estimate package to your customers showing them the best routes/solutions for them based on the information you gathered to get them the best return on investment (ROI) for their business. Don’t forget to add your own logo and branding to the estimate sheets. Visit go.4over.com to really give your estimate package a boost. We want you to use our tools so you can become a great consultant and print partner for your customers.


EDDM for You

The best way to sell EDDM is to get to know it personally. How do you do that? Try it out for yourself! Not only will it give you experience with this great service, but it will help get customers familiar with your business, your products, and into your own store.

With 4over’s preferred USPS rates, you will be an extremely competitive print & mailing service provider. Affordable EDDM creates a great opportunity for increased profits for you!


4over is always here to help you grow your business and deliver for your clients. And as a trade-only printer and promo provider, 4over will never compete with you—the best measure of our success is yours!

4over LLC is one of the largest wholesale trade printers in the US, with multiple production facilities across North America. A trusted source of print fulfillment since 2001, the company helps large franchise printers, single print shops, print brokers, graphic designers, photographers, and every type of print reseller in between grow profitable businesses by offering a vast selection of quality products at guaranteed trade-only prices. With capabilities such as gang-run offset, digital, grand format, and promotional printing, plus state-of-the-art equipment, 4over offers every customer savings, selection, and scale. Not yet a 4over reseller? Register Today!


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As one of North America’s largest trade-only printers and a trusted source for print fulfillment since 2001, 4over helps print, design, and other creative services resellers grow profitable businesses. We do this by offering a vast selection of quality print products at guaranteed trade-only prices. Our expansive e-commerce catalog includes everything from standard marketing collateral like business cards and brochures, to harder-to-find specialty, large format, and promotional products.

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