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Ecommerce With Printer Bridge: Your Site. We Print. You Profit.

The rise of Amazon and other online retailers already had the general public beginning to look to the web to meet their buying needs. However, this “digital transformation” of how consumers shop was greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, US retail ecommerce sales are expected to grow 16.9% in 2022, reaching a total of $1.06 trillion.1 Consumers are now trained to expect to be able to purchase nearly everything online.

Today’s print resellers and print brokers need to ask themselves a simple but critical question: Am I keeping up with my customers’ expectations, or am I falling behind? In other words, can your customers purchase from you via a website or not?

US retail ecommerce sales are expected to grow 16.9% in 2022—reaching a total of $1.06 trillion2

If your answer is a confident yes, then congratulations on keeping your customers happy. But if the answer is no—or even a shaky “sort of”—then 4over has something that can help. It’s called Printer Bridge, and when it comes to establishing a way for print resellers to join the increasingly profitable world of ecommerce, it’s a relatively simple, very cost-effective solution.

In a nutshell, Printer Bridge establishes a nearly instant, fully functional retail website that’s branded for your printing business. While you customize the front end to reflect your brand, the back end is tied to the 4over product base, enabling you to immediately begin offering nearly all of 4over’s 250,000 product configurations to your own customers. Not only are you improving your bottom line by making your products more accessible, but you're actually broadening your revenue base by vastly expanding your offerings.

How It Works

  1. Contract with 4over to get your Printer Bridge site started. It’s only $99/month, by the way — a business investment that can be easily recouped with just a few orders.

  2. Customize your chosen template. Customization is where Printer Bridge really shines. Not only do you manage how your site will look, you also have full control over the products, options, and pricing that you offer. This includes adding your own products as well as 4over’s offerings.

  3. Start selling. Once you’ve made your customers aware of your new site (an important step), it’s time for the orders to start rolling in. You have control over the approval of every order before it’s sent to 4over for fulfillment (or fulfilled in house—again, it’s your choice).

For your customers, a Printer Bridge site offers a mobile-friendly experience that includes a design tool, preflighting to ensure quality, and order tracking/easy reordering. For you, Printer Bridge’s back end features allow you to manage sales reps, financing, and shipping options. The ordering system uses SSL for secure checkout and is PCI compliant to ensure that customer data is always protected. 4over also provides free system upgrades as they become available to maintain a near-zero downtime status.

Other Great Features

  • Corporate portals that can be customized for your biggest clients.

  • Automated marketing tools that allow you to control every aspect of your customer list and even send emails blasts.

  • Affiliate and loyalty program management to reward referrals and frequent customers.

While you still need to be comfortable using technology (or have someone who is) to take advantage of the customization features, Printer Bridge is a huge shortcut over building a website from scratch. To learn more about Printer Bridge, you can contact our friendly Customer Service representatives at 1-877-782-2737 or AskSales@4over.com. You can also get more information, view a recorded demo, or sign up for a live one at www.printerbridge.com

4over is always here to help you grow your business and deliver for your clients. And as a trade-only printer and promo provider, 4over will never compete with you—the best measure of our success is yours!

1,2 https://www.insiderintelligence.com/insights/ecommerce-industry-statistics/ 

4over LLC is one of the largest wholesale trade printers in the U.S., with multiple production facilities across North America. A trusted source of print fulfillment since 2001, the company helps large franchise printers, single print shops, print brokers, graphic designers, photographers, and every type of print reseller in between grow profitable businesses by offering a vast selection of quality products at guaranteed trade-only prices. With capabilities such as gang-run offset, digital, grand format, and promotional printing, plus state-of-the-art equipment, 4over offers every customer savings, selection, and scale. Not yet a 4over reseller? Register Today!
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As one of North America’s largest trade-only printers and a trusted source for print fulfillment since 2001, 4over helps print, design, and other creative services resellers grow profitable businesses. We do this by offering a vast selection of quality print products at guaranteed trade-only prices. Our expansive e-commerce catalog includes everything from standard marketing collateral like business cards and brochures, to harder-to-find specialty, large format, and promotional products.

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