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Make Safety a Priority All Year

Safety: A Year-Round Commitment — and Big Business Opportunity

June is National Safety Month. As it approaches, it's crucial to highlight the importance of safety in every aspect of our lives. It's always a top priority at 4over, which is why we enable our print customers to help their customers prevent accidents and ensure everyone's well-being all year long. 


Start With Customer Awareness 

National Safety Month is the perfect conversation starter with your customers about how you can help them secure their business environment—whether that's indoors, outdoors, or both. Regulatory signage is always a good opener, because, unlike directional or informational signage, workplace safety signage can be required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). Failure to meet OSHA regulations can result in expensive fines and legal exposure in the case of accidents. For a detailed look at the types of safety signage that can be required in the workplace, take a look at this blog post on safety signage options and requirements from 4over.  


Understanding Safety Signage Substrates 

The signage material that's perfect for the office breakroom may not work on the loading dock. To match your customers with the right product for their specific needs, here's a quick crash course on five top-selling safety signage substrates from 4over and how they're most often used: 

  1. High-tack adhesive vinyl. Offering indoor/outdoor durability, these large-scale vinyl signs are designed for maximum visibility and are not meant to be removed after application.  
  2. Aluminum sandwich board. Featuring durable design and mounting options, aluminum sandwich board signs allow your customers to provide directional signage to suit any space. Label safety staples such as stairways, exit routes, and more.  
  3. Sidewalk signs. A portable sign solution for important messaging in hallways, parking areas, and more—sidewalk signs offer your customers a fast and portable way to inform visitors and employees of potential risks. 
  4. Floor graphics. Transform high-traffic floor areas into attention-grabbing spaces to inform of potential risks, safety protocols, and rules with high-traffic floor graphics. 
  5. Aluminum heavy-duty .080”. With its indoor/outdoor versatility and heavy-duty/rust-proof design, this sign option is ideal for parking areas, sidewalks, factories, and warehouses to warn against potential danger.  


How to Create a Safety Signage Sales Message 

Now that you know what's required and the right products for the right application, you’re ready to start selling. While it would be nice to have all your business simply walk in the door uninvited, marketing is critical for getting the message out and bringing customers in. Hate marketing, don't know where to start, or are just too busy to get it done? That's where 4over's free marketing resources for safety signage can help. 

We've got professionally designed, white-label product images, social assets, and emails ready for download. You'll want to add your own "call to action" — what you'd like the readers of your marketing messaging to do next. Here's a win-win suggestion: Offer a free "safety signage walkthrough" where you can evaluate a prospective customer's existing signage and then provide update/upgrade recommendations. They get important knowledge, and you get to establish yourself as a go-to expert for safety signage. 

Tip: Remember that moving into a new niche pays off in three ways: the immediate revenue of that sale, the edge you get over competitors by offering something new, and the opportunity for repeat sales to the new additions to your book of business. 


Staying Safe in the Print Shop 

Your customers aren't the only ones who need to put safety front and center. For companies that print on site in addition to outsourcing work, establishing and implementing safety protocols is paramount to safeguarding the well-being of employees and maintaining a productive work environment. Here are some key measures that printers can take—tested and proven at our own production facilities: 

Training Programs

Conduct comprehensive safety training programs for all employees, covering topics such as equipment operation, chemical handling (if applicable), emergency procedures, and ergonomics. 

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance checks for printing equipment to ensure it is in optimal working condition, reducing the risk of malfunctions or accidents. 

Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Provide and enforce the use of appropriate PPE, such as gloves, goggles, and ear protection—depending on the specific tasks involved in printing operations. 

Ergonomic Considerations

Implement ergonomic practices to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders among workers. This includes encouraging proper posture and lifting techniques plus providing adjustable workstations. 

Chemical Safety

If printing involves the use of chemicals such as inks or solvents, ensure proper storage, handling, and disposal procedures are in place to minimize exposure risks. 


National Safety Month serves as a reminder to both printers and their customers to reevaluate their safety practices and make any necessary adjustments. It's a chance to renew our commitment to creating and maintaining safe working environments, not just in June, but throughout the year. By partnering to prioritize safety, we can mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and promote a culture where well-being is always paramount. 

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