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Sparkle With Creative Foil Print Bundles

Help your customers take advantage of the golden opportunities autumn brings. Events are on the calendar, but you can still leverage the power of foil to create upscale announcements, invitations, menu and seating cards, and programs. They will help your customers captivate their audiences and create keepsakes that will last for years.  Foil-enhanced communication is easy to create. Check out our helpful tutorials here. and adds creative energy while making a lasting impression!

The Power of Foil

From greeting cards and announcements to invitations and programs, your customers have an opportunity to upsell with the power of foil. It makes ordinary communication stand out, whether it is a mailed greeting card or a menu at a special holiday dinner. Adding the sparkle of foil draws attention to the occasion and the message. 

For businesses, the best way to stand out with holiday messages is to add foil to the holiday cards and other communications. For customers who send gifts to their clients, suggest notepads with their logo in metallic foil or special business cards for the holiday season that they can include in their mailers, packaging, or to use as holiday gift cards. 

For schools at every level, offer bundles of teacher, student, and parent appreciation cards that include the school logo and motto in bright metallic foil. For seasonal holiday dances, plays, and art fairs, offer foil invitations that leverage foil enhancement and upscale paper to create a memorable, upscale experience. 

And don’t forget the power of bundles!

Here are some bundle ideas to mix foil-enhanced communication with supporting products:

Foil Print Bundle 1:

  • Appreciation cards with a raised foil logo and spot UV for tactile appeal
  • Invitations for holiday events with Akuafoil seasonal icons for more shine
  • Pull-up banners for entrances to welcome everyone to each event and add directional information

Foil Print Bundle 2:

  • Hanging banners for hallways work for schools or corporate offices. Use them to spotlight upcoming parties, holiday happy hours, dances, plays, and sporting events. 
  • Save-the-date cards and invitations for holiday activities enhanced with raised foil text and graphics for sparkle
  • Sports support trading cards with student pictures and colorful foil mascots

Foil Print Bundle 3:

  • Announcement postcards enhanced with Foil Worx in gold, copper, or silver to add sparkle 
  • Clubs, sports, and rallies need support with banners, posters, and signs
  • Special events like plays, concerts, food drives, and career days need flyers, signs, and yard signs

These custom foil print bundles work for every type of business, educational institution, and even large family gatherings. For your regular customers, make a note to inquire again as new events are announced and the seasons change. 

For your customers in retail, suggest that they enhance their outbound messaging with Foil Worx and Akuafoil solutions to draw attention to special sales and product offers. While you are talking with them, ask if they are considering holiday transformations for their storefronts. In-store directional signs and banners to help everyone navigate to the items they need are always appreciated! Window clings and sidewalk signs are the perfect way to create an exceptional customer shopping experience. 

Holiday Foil Print Packages: Your Recipe for Success

Custom foil print bundles are the way to intrigue your customers with ideas. Curated, themed bundles with print and promotional items can elevate your customers' experience. Add options for foil to add sparkle and excitement! Here are some package ideas:

Themed Packages: 

Focus on the different types of sporting events your customers support. Sports teams (school-based and community-based) always need notebooks and planners. Suggest adding a pop of foil for the covers. Don’t forget to include hats and shirts, pens, and posters to tell a big story for each seasonal sport. This bundle can work for any community-based organization like social and service clubs, too.

Custom signage for schools supporting science, chess, theatre, and other clubs that meet and host events, suggest fundraising postcards that include Foil Worx enhancements. The gold, silver, and copper options take communication to a new level! Don’t forget to offer options! Notebooks can include tabs to separate topics, while promotional items like keychains, hats, and backpacks help members of the club stand out. If you have never offered trading cards, they can elevate everyone in the school to a star, and enhancing with foil is a great offer.

Event-Specific Packages: 

There is a constant parade of events throughout the year. Help your customers stand out with tailored foiled print bundles for sports teams, student organizations, business associations, school clubs, and community groups based on how they operate. If you have the opportunity, talk to the sponsors, and see what elements would help them organize and stand out. Foil for highlighting is a great choice for announcements, invitations, and event programs. Package signs and banners to keep events visible in the community and to help recruit new club and team members! 

Personalized Kits: 

Consider offering a build-your-own custom foil print bundle with supporting signs and promotional products via a dedicated sales portal. Your 4over team can help you find the right items to offer. Making customization easy for every type of customer you serve is a winning option!

Why Do We Suggest Foil?

Adding a touch of shine and sparkle elevates every communication. Foiling involves applying metallic or holographic accents to specific areas of the design to spotlight design elements like the school logo, mascot, or text. The gleam of foiling adds a touch of luxury and charm. Use different color foils to differentiate between topics. Foil transforms everything it touches into keepsakes!

When fall is in the air and winter is around the corner, there is a wave of excitement and anticipation. Let your customers know that you can help them use the power of creative signage, curated custom print bundles, and the magic of foiling to stand out in the crowd. Talk to your 4over team about how to build a sample kit that helps grow your revenue streams. 

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