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Akuafoil Stickers: 5 Creative Ways to Make Your Business Shine

Stickers serve two purposes: They can be a product, declaring brand allegiance, team affinity, or event participation. For businesses, they should also be billboards for the messages customers and employees need to see, reinforcing the brand when given to customers and business partners. But they can fade into the woodwork when they are printed as simple black text on a white background. Even adding a band of color around the edges isn’t enough to keep attention over time. Help your customers change their approach to stickers by offering solutions that sparkle and shine. Foil is a great way to add that pop.

Akuafoil stickers from 4over are the cost-effective alternative to old-style cold foil techniques traditionally used to add vibrance to stickers and decals.

What is Akuafoil?

It uses a layer of silver ink under the typical process colors to create shimmer and shine. That means customers can still have their brand colors, but with metallic accents that make their messages stand out. It’s the perfect solution for consumer-facing businesses that need to provide guidance and direction to customers entering retail spaces, food venues, or entertainment complexes. They are also an excellent solution for spotlighting products and reminding patrons of store hours, websites, and social media handles. 

Expand your decal offers with these 5  ideas for Akuafoil Stickers from 4over:

    Professionally printed packaging stickers make DIY or homemade products look professional. Even better, using Akuafoil visually reinforces your brand as a premium product.


    Include bonus stickers as part of an online order or product purchase. Let your customers showcase your brand with some Akuafoil flair!


    Stickers with company logos and product names can be part of trade show giveaways and employee swag kits. 

    Equipment markers with company logos and departmental messages add identity to laptops and other work equipment. This is a great option for equipment that is customer-facing in business establishments.


    Event Stickers and decals can become part of a treasure hunt or other game when sponsors have custom stickers for participants to collect. Add a notebook to collect them in and you create memories or add them to a collector form to trade for prizes. 

    There are dozens of variations for every idea on this list to offer clients to enhance their communication options. Stickers and decals added to packaging, delivery boxes, and bags offer a chance to change messaging frequently at a lower cost than complete packaging runs. If you aren’t sure how to pitch the power of Akuafoil Stickers, talk to the 4over team. 4over offers ready-to-use, white-label marketing materials to help you show the brilliance of the foil solution, and our Customer Service representatives can also help you guide clients to develop print files that make the most of our amazing Akuafoil stickers. 

    Have a creative use of  your own for Akuafoil stickers? Tag us in a post on Instagram (pics welcome) or Twitter with your best ideas!

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