Say Hello to 4over’s New Dye Sub Printed Polyester Fabric Banners!

Perhaps you’ve noticed a new Large Format category on our site? That category is Fabric Banners and it consists of two awesome materials — Canvas and Polyester. And the latest in awesomeness from our Large Format category also happens to be in this new Fabric Banners category, and that product is…drum roll, please…Polyester Fabric Banners!

Polyester Fabric Banners are unique because of a very special printing process called Dye Sublimation that we do right here in house using our very own dye sub equipment. In simplest form, heat is applied in a process that’s used to transfer dye into the fabric as opposed to on top of the fabric, making our Polyester Fabric Banners virtually fade proof and incredibly soft. And they can be washed or dry cleaned over and over again.

Here are some fun facts about Polyester Fabric Banners:

  • They’re lightweight and wrinkle resistant, so they’re easy to fold and ship!
  • Images are photographic in quality
  • Colors are remarkably vibrant and they last!
  • They’re printed using a process called dye sublimation (described above) so they can be washed or dry cleaned over and over again

Here’s how folks like to use their Polyester Fabric Banners (but encourage your customers to get creative — they’re super duper versatile!):

  • Banners (of course!)
  • Retail Signs
  • P.O.P. Displays
  • Tablecloths and Trade Shows
  • Get Creative!

Dye Sublimation is the very best process for fabric printing, and Fabric Banners are just the beginning. We’ve got trade show signage, indoor and outdoor flags, all coming soon and all printed using the dye sublimation process.

Head to our website and click on the Fabric Banners category where you’ll find a complete list of options for this superb product, and prepare to be wowed!