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Marketing Tip of the Week: Sell with Passion

PASSIONHere’s an article that we’ve stumbled upon that’s jam packed with some really great marketing tips. We thought we’d share…“As a new business, breaking into a market and trying to encourage people to buy your product can be a daunting task – and, yet, it’s your business’s lifeline. How you approach sales is therefore pivotal when it comes to making your startup business a success…” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Customer engagement is so important when it comes to developing brand awareness and loyalty — remember this always and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll have success in business.

Short Run Greeting Cards Now Available!


It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — Short Run Greeting Cards are available at 4over! Now you can offer your customers Greeting Cards in smaller batches, starting with quantities of 25. This popular new option is great, particularly if you’re creating a new style — perhaps you’re testing out a new stock or a variation in design. Or maybe you’ve never ordered Greeting Cards with us before. It’s a fantastic new item to include in your holiday marketing campaign. It’s also great if your customers really and truly don’t need a lot of Greeting Cards.

Short Run Greeting cards are only printed on high quality digital equipment and come in quantities of 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 250. They’re currently being produced out of our Glendale location and turnaround time options are 2-4 days and next day.

We offer the following order options:

  • 10″ X 7″ 14PT Greeting Cards with UV on FRONT ONLY, Scoring Included  
  • 10″ X 7″ Greeting Cards on 100LB Gloss Cover with NO AQ, Scoring Included
  • 10″ X 7″ 14PT Uncoated Greeting Cards, Scoring Included
  • 7″ X 10″ 100LB Cover Uncoated Linen Greeting Cards,Scoring Included

4over Roll Labels are ALMOST HERE!

A little birdie told us that you guys have been ever-so-patiently anticipating their arrival and the good news is that they’re ALMOST here!  That’s right, our 4over Roll Labels will be available very soon and we don’t think you’ll like them — we KNOW you’ll LOVE them!  Please check the site daily for the official launch because it’s RIGHT around the corner.  We’re excited just thinking about it!

Inside 4over Faves: Clever Ad of the Week

Happy Friday, everyone!  We stumbled across this optician ad online this morning and we think it’s a fantastic use of print.  For those of you who may need an eye test (we know we do), the copy at the bottom reads, “Is it difficult for you to read these letters? If it is, than please drop by for a free eye test.”  Very clever.

This ad is courtesy of PuppiesandFlowers.com.





Update your Coroplast Sign info with our new Rider Signs!

Ridgid-signsAttention all Coroplast Sign users!  Have you seen our new Rider Signs?  As most of you know, our Coroplast Signs can really give your campaign a boost — use them to sponsor political candidates, advertise homes for sale, promote events and so much more.  They’re rigid, durable and highly weather resistant so they’ll hold up well indoors and outdoors.  What’s not to love, right?  And if that isn’t enough, now you can add information to your Coroplast Signs easily without ever having to create a new sign!  RIDER Signs are designed fit on TOP of standard Coroplast Signs.  They’re made from the same coroplast material and come with Rider clips that fit inside the vertical flutes on both signs so that they can be attached to one another.  Add Rider Signs to your existing signs instantly update information about your campaigns.  For example, if you’re advertising a home up for sale and the home sells, you can add a Rider Sign that reads “SOLD” without the hassle of re-printing a new sign.  Or if the political candidate you’re sponsoring wins the election and you want people to know, just add a Rider with your candidate’s new status.  Pretty convenient, right?  We think so. Click here for details and ordering info.

You can now ‘clone’ your estimates!

Guess what?  You can now ‘clone’ your estimates!  This handy new option makes it easy to reorder your custom jobs because there’s no need to fill out the form again.  Simply retrieve the old estimate from your workspace — review the info and click on CLONE THIS ESTIMATE!  It’s that easy, and it’ll save you lots of time.

Here’s a screen shot showing the CLONE THIS ESTIMATE button:


Update! Rider Signs are HERE!

dataHow would you like to have your sign ‘take a ride’ on, well, on another sign? Rider signs have vertical flutes and metal pins so that you can attach them to the top of any standard Coroplast sign.  Use these guys to advertise new products and services, short-term sales & promotions, etc. on the fly.  They’re a great way to add information to your existing sign and we hope you enjoy these handy Rider Signs as much as we do! Learn more and order Rider Signs here: 4over Rider Signs