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This Just In… FREE Local Delivery Now Available in Bakersfield

Never Pay for Shipping Again on Outsourced Print!


That’s right Bakersfield customers, 4over has expanded their Free Local Delivery service to YOUR city! What this means for you? That it’s time to stop paying for shipping and start increasing profits immediately! Delivery days are Tuesday & Thursday. No job too big OR too small!

FLD-Bakersfield-Zipcodes MAP

4over Launches Strategic Print Advisory Program for Printers

GLENDALE, CA — JANUARY 2018 — With their new Strategic Print Advisory Program, 4over is helping commercial printers generate revenue growth and expand their customer base without the stress of overhead costs. By incorporating new technology, products and services to their repertoire, printers will be able to drastically reduce labor and equipment pains on their businesses.

Heading the program as Lead Strategic Print Relations with 40 years of experience as a print consultant is Joe Stramel. Stramel, who has split his career at companies such as MAN Roland and Komori America, has joined the 4over family bringing along a philosophy of reaching customers and driving sales through motivation, not manipulation. Stramel’s team of Print Advisory Representatives will implement this straightforward consultative approach as they outline plans and provide guidance to commercial printers in managing operation costs and keeping pace with changing technology in an evolving market.

The program’s main objective is to determine growth strategies that don’t require taking on additional debt. They’ll work closely with printers to foster new revenue streams with products and services such as EDDM, Printer Bridge (W2P), Large Format and more, offering and implementing support and training along the way to ensure their success. In-depth consultation will also be provided in the buying and selling of equipment, print-to-broker conversions, merger and acquisition solutions, and succession planning with acquisition workouts.

4over’s Strategic Print Advisory Program is currently live and ready to assist, with experienced agents covering exclusive territories across North America. Contact Joe Stramel at joes@4over.com or call (720) 298-3614 to request a free confidential consultation and meet with an Authorized Representative today.

Experience the Art of Kraft, Brown Kraft Paper



Rustic? Sophisticated? We’ve Got You Covered.

4over is proud to highlight the strikingly distinct Brown Kraft paper. This popular addition to the Majestic Products line offers an organic look and feel, featuring natural fibers and flecks within a thick, light brown stock. It’s the perfect card stock to accentuate company or event branding, and is guaranteed to get noticed at any occasion.

In addition to it’s dramatic 18pt thickness, Brown Kraft paper consists of 30% recycled materials, making it a truly unique and earthy tactile experience. Ideally used for announcement cards, postcards, hang tags and more!

For more information regarding the majestic Brown Kraft paper AND how to enhance your artwork using White Ink, please enjoy the video tutorial below!

The One and Only Jose Valencia. Hard at Work.

Check out what happens when we walk into Jose’s office unannounced while he’s “working.” You don’t want to miss this one. Give us a shout on our Facebook Page and let us know what you you want to see more of on our “Humans of 4over” videos, or feel free to comment directly on our YouTube channel. Thanks, everyone. Enjoy!

A Well-Traveled Business Card

TravelingBC copy
Calling all globetrotters! Are you planning on traveling this summer? If so, remember to take your business cards with you. We’d love to know exactly where your (and our) influence is being spread as you’re gallivanting about across exotic destinations. Have some fun and snap photos of yourself holding your business card in front of Angkor Wat, The Vatican, the Swiss Alps, or wherever it is that you end up. Then post your pics to our Facebook wall and make sure to mention where the photo was taken – you’ll be the envy of us and every partner who visits our Facebook page! Once summer wraps up, we’ll create an album filled with all of the fabulous places 4over printed business cards have been. We want to live vicariously through you while resting assured that your cards are as well-traveled as you are (and as we’d like to be)! Bon Voyage from the 4over team. Have so much fun and may your business cards make waves everywhere from Honolulu to Iceland!

It’s all about Responsive Design!

androidHere’s something to think about next time you’re putting together an email blast, website, or displaying information anywhere across the internet — RESPONSIVE DESIGN. It’s an uber important element in social media and eCommerce now because virtually everyone uses some type of mobile device with Internet access. Often more than one device, for that matter — smart phones, tablets, etc.  We found the following article on Pinterest to be very informative.  It’s called “10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design,” from the eMarketing specialists over at Splio:

“More than a simple design trend, Responsive Design is a set of modern tools and techniques aiming to rearrange the way information is displayed depending on the device capacities.

HD wide, tiny low res, landscape, portrait…designers can’t rely on one unique layout solution anymore.  The key is in response: get information about the device, react, and display an adapted version of the layout.”…CONTINUE READING

Inside 4over Faves: Clever Ad of the Week

We made it — it’s Friday! Which means it’s time for your guys to gear up for the weekend…and it’s time for us to share with you a Clever Ad of the Week. We came across this ad for a travel agency in Colombia called Viajes Éxito and, needless to say, we were mighty inspired by its cleverness. We have a hunch you’ll be able to relate. Enjoy. And have a fantastic weekend.

Source for this find: adwiz.biz


Marketing Tip of the Week: Solve Problems on the Spot

-1Let’s face it, we’re presented with problems every single day. It’s part of the cycle of life. It’s also part of the cycle of business — no one is immune. What we often fail to realize, however, is that problems are actually gifts. If we weren’t faced with problems, there would be nothing challenging us to grow. And growth is, of course, one of the cornerstones to success. So next time you’re faced with a problem in business, look at it as an opportunity for growth. Search for a solution right away AND make sure that when you make a promise to your customer, that it’s a promise you can keep. And don’t focus on the problem itself, focus on fine tuning your problem solving skills — stay always in the solution. Your business and your customers will thank you.

Our Grand4mat Product List is Growing!

-6We’re thrilled to announce that our Grand4mat list is growing and we have more individual product options than ever!

We’ve added several new sizes to our popular Car Magnets category. Car Magnets are printed on heavy duty glossy material and ideally suited for car door signage but can certainly be used on other surfaces as well. Use them as temporary signs at construction sites or any other changing work environments where metal surfaces are present. Drive around town with your own mobile billboard and promote your business, introduce new products & services, etc.  Get optimal company exposure everywhere you go! And now with so many sizes to choose from, your customers will have virtually endless possibilities for use!

Here are the sizes that we now offer:

  • 9″x30″
  • 12″x30″
  • 18″x30″
  • 24″x30″
  • 9″x36″
  • 12″x36″
  • 18″x36″
  • 24″x36″

Get more information on Car Magnets and place your orders here.