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This Just In… FREE Local Delivery Now Available in Bakersfield

Never Pay for Shipping Again on Outsourced Print!


That’s right Bakersfield customers, 4over has expanded their Free Local Delivery service to YOUR city! What this means for you? That it’s time to stop paying for shipping and start increasing profits immediately! Delivery days are Tuesday & Thursday. No job too big OR too small!

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4 Reasons why Outsourcing Print is an AWESOME Idea


  1. Cut your capital costs. Let’s face it, print equipment is expensive, and you likely require several different types of machinery to perform jobs. It’s also incredibly costly to maintain. Then you have costs associated with commercial office buildings, land, or simply space in general. Bringing a project to commercially operational status can be outlandishly pricey. By outsourcing, you don’t need to be financially responsible for any of that stuff.
  2. Reduce your labor costs. Outsourcing allows you to bypass the need for additional employees that your business can’t afford. It also enables you to direct your costs toward those with the experience that you require, rather than keeping folks on the payroll that aren’t fulfilling your company’s very specific needs at a given moment. Plus, you’ll eliminate additional insurance costs, hiring costs, etc.
  3. Increase your efficiency. This is a pretty obvious one. By keeping your core competencies in-house and outsourcing everything else, you enable your business to run more smoothly. As a result, you keep the focus on the things you do best, and let someone else handle the rest. Plus, you turn around more business, faster.
  4. Scale up your growth. At the end of the day, outsourcing print allows you to level the playing field. For example, if you’re a relatively small business in size, you’re still able to compete with larger businesses in the same industry when you outsource. Multiple employees and capital expenses can cause headaches. Without them, your efficiency, as mentioned, increases dramatically which enables you to grow faster than ever before.

In short, outsourcing allows someone else to do the heavy lifting while you and your business reap the rewards. It lets you to choose exactly what you need, when you need it, and how much you’re willing to spend. Think of it like an à la carte approach to business.

By Elizabeth, 4over Marketing Team

4over Inc. to Show Attendees How to ‘Outsource with Confidence’ at SGIA 2015

logoGLENDALE, Calif.—October 27, 2015—This year’s SGIA attendees will have the opportunity to learn how they can maximize their profitability by taking advantage of the “Outsource with Confidence” growth model introduced by North America’s Super Trade Printer, 4over. 4over’s booth will focus primarily on large-format signs and banners, headlining its new line of premium quality dye sublimation products. These products are essential offerings for print providers and resellers, and are in particularly high demand during an election year. 4over has spent years investing in large-format capabilities at eight production centers across the country, allowing customers to further expand their offerings and perfect their profits.

Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with 4over associates at the booth to discuss the multitude of ways that they can outsource to 4over to achieve maximum growth. They will have access to information and samples from 4over’s 250,000 plus product skus, along with tips on how they can market these products to their customers. Additionally, attendees will learn about the resources and services offered, like MyMarketing, which includes free unbranded marketing resources, and Free Local Delivery.

About 4over Inc.

4over is the industry leader in print order fulfillment for print resellers and industry professionals. With print production facilities and sharp color quality, 4over has established itself with a tradition of quality, consistency and excellence. Now operating out of eight production centers and four operation centers across North America with an ever-expanding footprint, 4over is providing more businesses with the convenience of a local trade printer. Make sure to visit the 4over team at booth #427.

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