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It’s all about Responsive Design!

androidHere’s something to think about next time you’re putting together an email blast, website, or displaying information anywhere across the internet — RESPONSIVE DESIGN. It’s an uber important element in social media and eCommerce now because virtually everyone uses some type of mobile device with Internet access. Often more than one device, for that matter — smart phones, tablets, etc.  We found the following article on Pinterest to be very informative.  It’s called “10 Basic Tips About Responsive Design,” from the eMarketing specialists over at Splio:

“More than a simple design trend, Responsive Design is a set of modern tools and techniques aiming to rearrange the way information is displayed depending on the device capacities.

HD wide, tiny low res, landscape, portrait…designers can’t rely on one unique layout solution anymore.  The key is in response: get information about the device, react, and display an adapted version of the layout.”…CONTINUE READING