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4over Introduces New Painted Edge Business Cards


GLENDALE, CA — MARCH 3, 2017 — 4over unveils their most colorful product to date: Painted Edge Business Cards. This new extension to the Majestic Product line enables the super trade printer to offer yet another innovative, high quality option to customers looking for a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Recognizing that businesses are constantly searching for new ways to stand out or reinvent, 4over is certain this sturdy, ultra thick, 32pt stock will not only be visually appealing to consumers, but will help visually increase their sales as well. With the addition of vibrant color to the business card’s edge, brands can now expand the impact of their designs and create a more bold and solid statement at meetings, trade shows and networking functions.

Customers can choose from a variety of vivid metallic colors including blue, gold, green, hot pink, purple or classic white. 4over’s Painted Edge Business Cards are now available at trade.4over.com.

4over Company Profile
4over is the industry leader in print order fulfillment for print brokers and industry professionals. With state-of-the-art print production facilities and superior color quality, 4over has established itself with a tradition of quality, consistency and excellence.
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How Often Should one Update their Business Card?


We recently posted the following question on our Facebook Page: “How often do you think one should update their business cards?” We were just curious, so thank you to everyone who responded — here’s what some of you had to say:

  • “Every year”
  • “As soon as new information needs to be updated”
  • “I’d agree with 1 year. That’s not to say you should revamp your entire branding every year, just info on your business card.”
  • “At least 2 years”
  • “Every 2 years”
  • “One year”
  • “1-2 years”

Do you guys agree with these responses? At the end of the day, there’s really no right or wrong answer – it’s entirely subjective. But regardless of the time frame, we always think it’s good to change things up on occasion. After all, it’s an ever-changing world and industries are ever-changing as well — personal information changes, styles and trends are constantly shifting, etc. Updating business cards is an easy way for your customers to give their biz a mini rebrand while making the necessary updates in terms of their personal data. How often one does this really depends on the size of their business, how often they go out and publicly network, etc. So please go ahead and keep sharing your thoughts with us on the subject by heading to our Facebook Page. We always love hearing what our customers have to say.

Learn more about 4over Business Cards HERE

Also, please check out our snazzy 4D Lenticular Business Cards – learn more HERE

Show us your 4over Lenticulars!

When it comes to promoting your business, first impressions are everything – from the way you present yourself, to the firmness of your handshake to, of course, your business card. Recently our Lenticular Cards have been generating a lot of buzz from our 4over customers. They’re different, they’re fun to look at, they’re super duper slick and you can display two entirely different messages on one card. And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Lenticular Printing process, it’s a technology used to produce printed images that have the illusion of depth. Images that are printed in this way appear to change or move as the images are moved from different angles. You’ve probably seen the process used on trading cards, cereal box prizes, etc. The technology is pretty cool, and we want to know how our own customers are using it. So for those of you who’ve ordered 4over 4D Lenticular business cards, we’d love it if you could pretty please share your card designs with us. And you get to promote your business while you’re doing it! All you need to do is take a short video of your card being moved around in order for our viewers to witness the effects of the Lenticular technology. Here’s one that we shot with a card from Matt Smith of the Print Shop – you can film yours just like this, or feel free to get all creative! Our Facebook page is wide open and waiting for your posts!

Learn more about 4over’s 4D Lenticular Products HERE.

Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

-3Howdy, voyagers! Thank you all so much for sharing your fabulous “Traveling Business Card” photos with us. And for those of you who are just now hearing of this — we put out a memo on our social media channels a while back requesting photographs of your business cards strategically placed in exotic locations. So for those of you who’ve been on the go, we’d still love to see your photos. Here are a couple from customers who’ve shared their awesome images with us already. We’re having so much fun with these — keep ’em coming!

A Well-Traveled Business Card

TravelingBC copy
Calling all globetrotters! Are you planning on traveling this summer? If so, remember to take your business cards with you. We’d love to know exactly where your (and our) influence is being spread as you’re gallivanting about across exotic destinations. Have some fun and snap photos of yourself holding your business card in front of Angkor Wat, The Vatican, the Swiss Alps, or wherever it is that you end up. Then post your pics to our Facebook wall and make sure to mention where the photo was taken – you’ll be the envy of us and every partner who visits our Facebook page! Once summer wraps up, we’ll create an album filled with all of the fabulous places 4over printed business cards have been. We want to live vicariously through you while resting assured that your cards are as well-traveled as you are (and as we’d like to be)! Bon Voyage from the 4over team. Have so much fun and may your business cards make waves everywhere from Honolulu to Iceland!

Networking Cards

Let’s face it, with all of the advancements in technology, today’s working professional does a little bit of everything.  So while there’s nothing wrong with a standard business card, don’t you think your customers would like to have clients, potential employers, etc. know what it is that makes them unique?  A Networking Card is so much more than just a business card.  It zeros in on their career focus or unique selling proposition – they can even add a few resume highlights, along with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Portfolio websites.  Select one of our card sizes and choose from a variety of stock, coating and corner options.

Some of our favorite options are:

Start promoting Networking Cards to your customers today!

Guess what?  Our square cards have moved from the “Postcards” section of our website over to the “Business Cards” section.  We’ve also added a sleek new option to your favorite little 2.5” x 2.5” cards - rounded corners!  You can still get them with the original squared edges, but this attractive new design is a fun way to stand out.

Square Cards Have Moved!

Guess what?  Our square cards have moved from the “Postcards” section of our website over to the   “Business Cards” section.  We’ve also added a sleek new option to your favorite little 2.5” x 2.5” cards – rounded corners!  You can still get them with the original squared edges, but this attractive new design is a fun way to stand out.