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Showcase Your Brand ANYWHERE with Tabletop Displays

4over’s Tabletop Displays may be the smallest member of our Large Format family, but they pack a BIG marketing punch. These miniature retractable banners offer an ample amount of space to highlight product and service advertising or company branding.

Featuring high quality printing on 10mil Premium Vinyl, Tabletop Displays are easily portable and set-up in just a few simple steps. They are the ideal signage for customers on the go, and exhibit perfectly at trade shows, school functions, networking events and training seminars. And with quantities ranging from 1 to 50, you can order as little or many as you need for any occasion.

To learn more about 4over’s Tabletop Displays, including sizes and setup instructions, check out the video tutorial above!

How Often Should one Update their Business Card?


We recently posted the following question on our Facebook Page: “How often do you think one should update their business cards?” We were just curious, so thank you to everyone who responded — here’s what some of you had to say:

  • “Every year”
  • “As soon as new information needs to be updated”
  • “I’d agree with 1 year. That’s not to say you should revamp your entire branding every year, just info on your business card.”
  • “At least 2 years”
  • “Every 2 years”
  • “One year”
  • “1-2 years”

Do you guys agree with these responses? At the end of the day, there’s really no right or wrong answer – it’s entirely subjective. But regardless of the time frame, we always think it’s good to change things up on occasion. After all, it’s an ever-changing world and industries are ever-changing as well — personal information changes, styles and trends are constantly shifting, etc. Updating business cards is an easy way for your customers to give their biz a mini rebrand while making the necessary updates in terms of their personal data. How often one does this really depends on the size of their business, how often they go out and publicly network, etc. So please go ahead and keep sharing your thoughts with us on the subject by heading to our Facebook Page. We always love hearing what our customers have to say.

Learn more about 4over Business Cards HERE

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Color and Your Brand

-1Let’s talk about color and what it means for your brand. Choosing the right color for your company really can make or break you, particularly when you’re first starting out — it sets the tone for the visual identity of your brand. Colors affect our moods, what things inspire us, our desires to consume specific products, etc.  Just imagine being famished on a long drive, observing the large fast food signs just off the freeway only to discover the Golden Arches you typically associate with your cravings are now…brown. Based on the sight of this completely unappealing color and in the heat of this moment of road trip famish, you might choose the Carl’s Junior across the way instead. Maybe this is hard to imagine because McDonald’s established their brand identity a long time ago, but consider the possibility that they’re a brand new company on a mission to gain credibility. A brown logo probably would not be the wisest choice.

Brand strategist Thomas Dawson talks at length about color and branding in his article, The Importance of Color in Brand Strategy. “Consider a red can of cola; blue striped capital letters, a black apple, and yellow arches –what brands come to mind? In each instance, color is the predominant element of identification and association with a brand. Color enables us to instantly recognize and draw emotional associations to a brand.”…read full article here.

Vintage Print Ad of the Week: The Morning Journal

We at 4over love to watch the evolution in print advertising. Here’s a gorgeous ad that we came across from the 1900’s for “Morning Journal,” and how fabulous is their slogan, “A Modern Newspaper at a Modern Price?” That’s right, one penny daily and three cents on Sundays. Boy, how times have changed. Can you think of any print ads from times of old that you loved? Or perhaps some cool ones that you’ve come across from your folks’ or your grandfolks’ generations? If so, please share ’em on our Facebook Page – we’re curious!

Morning Journal Ad from the 1900s

Fun ways to Market 4over Roll Labels to your Customers

-3So by now you’re probably all well aware that Roll Labels have arrived! We’re so excited about them and we know you guys are, too. So we thought we’d pass along a few ideas for uses — this way you can market them to your customers better. Here’s our short list of fabulous ways that 4over Roll Labels can be used:

  • Add a company logo to labels and stick ‘em on packaging: jewelry boxes, bath & body product bottles, gift bags, food containers, etc.
  • Add labels that indicate ingredients to products such as: bath & body, food, drinks, etc.
  • Add warnings to labels: eg – “Do Not Mix x & y,” “Do Not Consume if you’re Allergic to x,” “Not Safe for Children,” etc.
  • Create personalized stationery seals

So there you have it! Of course the possibilities for uses are virtually endless when it comes to 4over Roll Labels, but this should get ya started. To view our templates, click HERE.  And for answers to frequently asked Roll Label questions, click HERE.