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15 FREE Fonts that we Love for 2015 and 2016!

Right now is a good time for fonts. In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of über legit typography, but how do you choose the right one when there are literally thousands (if not more) of free fonts out there? Well, fret not. Our creative team has compiled a list of our 15 very favorite free fonts to come out in recent years. We took our time to select fonts that we felt were equal parts visually appealing, super clean and on trend.

Here they are, along with links to download. Enjoy!

1. Kilauea, by German Di Ciccio (germandiciccio@gmail.com): Download HERE


2. Neaments Free, by Agga Swistblnk: Download HERE


3. Genome, by Ваш комментарий: Download HERE


4. Gabo: Download HERE


5. Mefestico, by Anton Motuzov: Download HERE


6. Debby: Download HERE


7. Barbaro, by Iván Núñez: Download HERE


8. Bukhari, project by Mikrojihad Inc.: Download HERE


9. Donau, by Hans Renzler, Dmitrij Ritter, and Igor Labudovic: Download HERE


10. Maxwell, by Ryan Pyae: Download HERE


11. Chelsea, by Antonio Rodrigues Jr.: Download HERE


12. Bizon, by Axel Bizon: Download HERE

Bizon cut

13. Fabfelt Script, by Despinoy Fabien: Download HERE


14. Nickainley, project by Seniors Studio: Download HERE


15. Aventura, by Jimmy Kalman: Download HERE


Graph Expo 2015 Highlights!

Power up and PrintThat’s a wrap, folks! Graph Expo 2015 Chicago was OFF-THE-PRESS!  We had an amazing time in Chi Town and attendees were equally as pleased with the entire event. We had so many guests stop by the booth and everyone was thrilled with the setup. 4 colors: check…awesome products on display: check…happy customers and newcomers: check, check and check! It was everything we could have wished for – the show was a stellar success! A big thanks to those of you who made it out — it was so great to see your smiling faces.

Guests walked away with sample packs and goodies, prizes won during our raffle (think GoPros, FitBits and coupons) and, most of all, an even deeper appreciation for our brand. Our associates were available to answer customer questions and concerns in detail. They were also able to educate brand new members on all of the incredible 4over benefits that come with membership to enable them to grow their businesses with ease. Of course this includes the thousands of top notch products 4over offers, the exciting technology and services they can take advantage of, marketing resources and more. We’re always happy when people gain a better understanding of just how significantly our products and services can benefit them and allow them to maintain a thriving, growing business.

A big thanks to everyone who made it out to the show! See you next year!