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Showcase Your Brand ANYWHERE with Tabletop Displays

4over’s Tabletop Displays may be the smallest member of our Large Format family, but they pack a BIG marketing punch. These miniature retractable banners offer an ample amount of space to highlight product and service advertising or company branding.

Featuring high quality printing on 10mil Premium Vinyl, Tabletop Displays are easily portable and set-up in just a few simple steps. They are the ideal signage for customers on the go, and exhibit perfectly at trade shows, school functions, networking events and training seminars. And with quantities ranging from 1 to 50, you can order as little or many as you need for any occasion.

To learn more about 4over’s Tabletop Displays, including sizes and setup instructions, check out the video tutorial above!

Experience the Art of Kraft, Brown Kraft Paper



Rustic? Sophisticated? We’ve Got You Covered.

4over is proud to highlight the strikingly distinct Brown Kraft paper. This popular addition to the Majestic Products line offers an organic look and feel, featuring natural fibers and flecks within a thick, light brown stock. It’s the perfect card stock to accentuate company or event branding, and is guaranteed to get noticed at any occasion.

In addition to it’s dramatic 18pt thickness, Brown Kraft paper consists of 30% recycled materials, making it a truly unique and earthy tactile experience. Ideally used for announcement cards, postcards, hang tags and more!

For more information regarding the majestic Brown Kraft paper AND how to enhance your artwork using White Ink, please enjoy the video tutorial below!

The Art of Social Media (VIDEO)

In case you missed our recent post where we took a look at the ins and outs of social media, we’re here today with a treat for you. A video treat! On this installment of our YouTube series Video Varnish, we dive right into The Art of Social Media.

Speaking of utilizing social media, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, there you’ll find over 25 episodes of our original series Video Varnish, as well as The Weekly 4, a countdown show built to help the modern day professional. The 4over YouTube channel is a tremendous asset to those in the print industry, so feel free to check it out!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.55.59 AM

Do you utilize video in your social media strategy? If not, what works best for you? We’d love to know. Please connect with us on our Facebook Page! And make sure to mention this post.

By Christian, 4over Marketing Team


Weekly 4 #9 – Why Company Holiday Parties are Awesome!

Company holiday parties are coming back like it’s 1999, and North America’s largest wholesale printer is here to tell you why. Four reasons why, as a matter of fact.

The Weekly 4!

Have you guys been watching the Weekly 4? It’s the latest video series on our 4over YouTube Channel and it’s meant to bring extra cheeriness to your Fridays, and also to leave you with 4 über helpful tips or fun facts that are relevant to the print industry, graphic design, social media, marketing and/or all of the above. :)  We’ll also be doing a lot of fun giveaways on the Weekly 4, so make sure to tune in — it’s not to be missed! Enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Thanks for being awesome, guys!

Video Varnish #4 – The Con4mation Tool!

Check out our amazing order preview tool: Con4mation Tool! Con4mation is a great tool that will help you take a last look at your files to make sure they are ready to print. Most of the orders you place will qualify for a Con4mation preview. This virtual tour will give you complete overview of the many features that this tool has to offer. We are working on adding more of our products to Con4mation, so be sure to take advantage of this great 4over service!

Say Hello to 4over’s New Dye Sub Printed Polyester Fabric Banners!

Perhaps you’ve noticed a new Large Format category on our site? That category is Fabric Banners and it consists of two awesome materials — Canvas and Polyester. And the latest in awesomeness from our Large Format category also happens to be in this new Fabric Banners category, and that product is…drum roll, please…Polyester Fabric Banners!

Polyester Fabric Banners are unique because of a very special printing process called Dye Sublimation that we do right here in house using our very own dye sub equipment. In simplest form, heat is applied in a process that’s used to transfer dye into the fabric as opposed to on top of the fabric, making our Polyester Fabric Banners virtually fade proof and incredibly soft. And they can be washed or dry cleaned over and over again.

Here are some fun facts about Polyester Fabric Banners:

  • They’re lightweight and wrinkle resistant, so they’re easy to fold and ship!
  • Images are photographic in quality
  • Colors are remarkably vibrant and they last!
  • They’re printed using a process called dye sublimation (described above) so they can be washed or dry cleaned over and over again

Here’s how folks like to use their Polyester Fabric Banners (but encourage your customers to get creative — they’re super duper versatile!):

  • Banners (of course!)
  • Retail Signs
  • P.O.P. Displays
  • Tablecloths and Trade Shows
  • Get Creative!

Dye Sublimation is the very best process for fabric printing, and Fabric Banners are just the beginning. We’ve got trade show signage, indoor and outdoor flags, all coming soon and all printed using the dye sublimation process.

Head to our website and click on the Fabric Banners category where you’ll find a complete list of options for this superb product, and prepare to be wowed!