A Well-Traveled Business Card

TravelingBC copy
Calling all globetrotters! Are you planning on traveling this summer? If so, remember to take your business cards with you. We’d love to know exactly where your (and our) influence is being spread as you’re gallivanting about across exotic destinations. Have some fun and snap photos of yourself holding your business card in front of Angkor Wat, The Vatican, the Swiss Alps, or wherever it is that you end up. Then post your pics to our Facebook wall and make sure to mention where the photo was taken – you’ll be the envy of us and every partner who visits our Facebook page! Once summer wraps up, we’ll create an album filled with all of the fabulous places 4over printed business cards have been. We want to live vicariously through you while resting assured that your cards are as well-traveled as you are (and as we’d like to be)! Bon Voyage from the 4over team. Have so much fun and may your business cards make waves everywhere from Honolulu to Iceland!